When you choose to share your resources with "MaraGirls" it will not disappear into a "black hole". Each contribution is for a specific purpose in a specific year. Your name will appear on the annual sponsor sheet next to the listed needs for that year                                                                                                                      Click here to take a                                            peek at our annual                                            Sponsor Sheets. The                                          needs vary from                                       year- to-year and all historical support will be posted as well.

During "MaraGirls" start-up phase 2016-2020 there's an opportunity to join the project as a Founding Member. The contribution is part of the build-up of the school's entire infrastructure, operations, leadership curricula and a future endowment fund. Interested? Call us!

The Founding Members: Families Nordtug Norway, Lanner, Lundström & Sällström Sweden, Melbye Architects Norway, Strømme Foundation with partners Skagerak Energi & Agder Energi and Basecamp Foundation Kenya.

"MaraGirls" operates on a stipend model with an average cost per student matching the school's annual operational budget @:

        2017 16 students @ $3,000/student

        2018 32 students @ $2,300/student                  2019 48 students @ $1,750/student

Parents contribution is variable @ 5-10%. 

You can sponsor a student individually or as a group of friends, as an organization or through your company The commitment is always over 3 years - the time a student spends at "MaraGirls"

You're welcome on day-visits at "MaraGirls" at any time - meet the students & teachers and plant trees together. It's also possible to volounteer and teach leadership modules or other subjects or join as an active mentor to one of the students.

Founding Member
Visit, Volounteer & Mentor
Sponsor A Student

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​​Call us:

Kenya +254(0)722121306 Wanjira & Lars

Sweden +46(0)709254200 Monica & Niklas

Sweden + 46 (0) 845 02 55 Hans & Kicki

Norway +4741909000 Anne & Gjermund

Portugal +351964478598 Pelle & Kerstin

​Find us: 

Mara Girls Leadership School, Talek, Masai Mara, c/o Basecamp Foundation Kenya

www.basecampfoundationkenya.org Seminar Rd 00100 Nairobi, Basecamp Head Office

amos@basecampfoundation.org or info@maragirlsleadershipkenya.org